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pennypensive.jpg (14796 bytes)

Penny, feeling pensive... for Penny's story (and more pictures!) click HERE.

sally.jpg (15130 bytes)

Sally The Inspiration Dachshund!
For more about Sally, click HERE!

NEW!  Sally and Angel!  CLICK HERE

cinnypad2.jpg (21880 bytes) Denise and Rich Pittluck's lovely Cinnamon... for more Cinnamon pix, click HERE.

NEW! Cinnamon's brother, Avery!
Click here to see more!

Augie02.jpg (34490 bytes)

Diane Carlson's brave and beautiful Augie.... always in our hearts.

Augie06.jpg (17899 bytes)


 RAINBOW.jpg (1766 bytes)

Augie The Intrepid as we like to remember him....

heidi01.jpg (8454 bytes)

RAINBOW2.jpg (1399 bytes)

Heidi The Golden Girl,
the beloved FurChild of
Pat and Larry Branscum.
Heidi left us for the Rainbow Bridge
on July 15, 1999,
but lives in our hearts and memories for always...

Roxy01.jpg (21235 bytes)Roxy

Bijou01.jpg (40388 bytes)Bijou



Pam Rosen's Gutsy Grrrlz! 
Roxy has beaten the odds and proved 'em wrong
when her surgery was "unsuccessful" and her sister Bijou is a two-time surgery survivor!
Both are loving, courageous, and full of that Doxie Moxie!

Tootcart1.jpg (27911 bytes)

Tootsi Of The Smiling Face is a lovely Rottie girl on wheels!

tootcart3.jpg (31436 bytes)

Tootsi in her cart...ready for love and adventures!

poppy-n-friend.jpg (13746 bytes)

Check out HRH Poppy's 
S T R E T C H and Tone Page!

poppy01.jpg (8242 bytes)

HRH Poppy KNOWS she's irresistible!

harry-n-poppy.jpg (22223 bytes)

Big Brother Harry and HRH Poppy
peekaboopoppy.jpg (16998 bytes) "Peek-a-boo, Poppy!"

gopoppy.jpg (44187 bytes)

HRH Poppy...
Wheelin' into adventure in her new cart!

sadie.jpg (23404 bytes)

Wee Sadie looks like she's contemplating what mischief she can get into next...

gracebw.jpg (26624 bytes)

Gracie, all ready for a roll!

gracieclk2.jpg (3315 bytes)

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