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More pictures of our Special Friends!

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dieter4.jpg (18942 bytes)
Dieter uses imagery to define the word "Cuddly".
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The Dietermobile!
emily1.jpg (13566 bytes)
Emily elegantly posing for the camera!
emily2.jpg (10224 bytes)
Emily isn't a bit camera-shy!
emily3.jpg (15462 bytes)
Pretty Emily is ready to walk out and meet the world!
sherwood1.jpg (16490 bytes)
And here's that handsome rascal Sherwood!
sherwood2.jpg (21329 bytes)
Look at *that face*!  Sherwood is a 10 year old macho wirehair doxie who has been paralyzed since August 1998.
Chelsea2.jpg (16632 bytes)
"When in trouble or in doubt-
Just SNUGGLE~ it'll all work out!"


pookie.jpg (22577 bytes)
Pookie... another Snuggler!
Hmmm... I'm beginning to see a pattern here...


tex.jpg (23945 bytes)
Tex has *The Look* down perfectly!
GUINNESS.jpg (15713 bytes)
Guinness is yet another expert practitioner of "The Look"......
GUINNESS2.jpg (16215 bytes)
...AND another contender in the Snugglympics!
nyssa.jpg (13126 bytes)
Nyssa the Toast Monster!
For more pictures of Nyssa, click here.
Angel the suitably-named Corgi

NEW!  Angel and Sally!  CLICK HERE

Angel's Hydrotherapy Session!
"Well done, Angel!"
Visit Tuffy's Home Page! 

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Scooter.... bright, loving, and ever so photogenic!
"You can take my picture, but you better not TOUCH my ROPE!"
Teddy the Plucky Pomeranian explores her world!

Visit Teddy's Web Page at:

Beautiful Cali KNOWS how to get anything she wants... just look at those eyes!

Cali, in her ladylike elegance, awaits service from her loyal staff.

But hunger prompts the Dachshund in Cali to override the Lady in her: 
"HEY!  Where's the FOOD?!"

Mandy lives life to the fullest.

For Mandy's story, click here!

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