We, who are owned and loved by our Able Dogs, are NOT vets.  What we state here are our opinions, based on our own experiences with our own dogs.  The statements made here are not intended as a substitute for your own veterinarian's advice and counsel.  ALWAYS consult your veterinarian before utilizing any advice or possible treatment advised by this site or anyone else. Your veterinarian is your partner in caring for your dog.

Every dog, just like every person, is different.  What works well for one dog may have the opposite effect on another.  These FAQs and opinions are posted to show that there IS hope, and that a disabled dog CAN lead a comfortable, happy life.

Q:  My dog is acting as though his back is sore - arching his back, yelping if I touch him.  He can still walk.  What should I do?

A:  Keep your dog quiet and get him to your veterinarian as quickly as possible.  If it is a disc problem, it will only become worse as he continues to move around.  Early intervention is key in possibly avoiding paralysis.

Q:  The veterinarian told me that my dog needs back surgery but I can't possibly afford it.  Does that mean there's no hope?

A: Not necessarily.  Ask your veterinarian about treating your dog with steroids and crate rest.  Many dogs do recover if they are just given ample rest and time for their bodies to heal.  You might also check to see if anyone in your area does acupuncture on dogs.  It really can make a difference!

Q: My dog is on crate rest for the next 4 weeks.  She looks so sad!  Do I really need to be so strict about keeping her confined? 

A: YES!!  Steroids often help a dog to feel better before they have really had sufficient time to heal.  As your dog feels better, she may want to run or jump or move in other ways that could cause even more damage.  It is very important to keep her as quiet as possible until her body is truly healed.  A special chew toy may help to relieve some of her boredom and make her a happier pooch.

Q: My dog had back surgery but it doesn't appear to have been successful.  Where can I find a cart (doggie wheelchair) for him?

A:  There are several companies that specialize in restoring mobility to paralyzed pets.  Check out any of the following web sites for more information:






Two companies located in the United Kingdom:




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