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I do not know exactly how Pookie injured his back. One morning I noticed
that he would not jump on the bed or anything else. He had done this before
with a kidney infection so I thought that was the problem again. I took him
to the vet that day and they started him on medication for the infection.
That afternoon I noticed that his back legs would slip out from under him
when he walked. By the next morning he could not walk at all. I took him back
to the vet the next day and asked about this. The immediately started him on
medications and told me to keep him crated and as quiet as possible. This was
not easy since Pookie is a very hyper pooch and he had never been in a crate
before. This went on for about 2 weeks with no improvement. Then the vet
x-rayed him and told me his injury was very high between his shoulder blades.
He set me up an appointment at the small animal clinic at Texas A&M which is
about 3 hours from my home. I had never been there before but I was very
impressed with it. The doctors their examined Pookie but told me there was
nothing they could do. With his injury, surgery would have to have been done
almost immediately. They also told me that many dogs lived long, happy lives
with this disability. They gave me information about carts. I never gave it a
second thought about getting the cart. I knew that was what I was going to
do. I could never "put down" a family member, especially one with the
determination that Pookie has. He has no control of his bladder or bowel, but
we deal with that with diapers and wraps with pads. I have learned a lot by
trial and error. I wish I had this group when it all started 3 and a half
years ago. There wouldn't have been so many errors. Pookie is still going
strong with as much energy as he had 3 years ago. I have never regretted my
decision about him.