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Swim Therapy
as dictated to her Hooman
by HRH Poppy:


You will need:

one Kiddies pool

lots of very warm water (comfortable enough for a hooman to sit in)

baby oil (optional)

floating toys (sponges, rubber duckkies etc from any good hooman kids store)

something small but good to eat (wafer thin ham works well)

one disabled furkid

one hooman, prepared to get wet, with a strong back

thick towels

one (?) bottle of good wine


  1. if you need to express your furkid - do it now!
  2. fill pool with warm water (the depth will depend on how happy your furkid is with water, HRH wouldn't swim, only panicked, so we took it only to mid-shoulder level - enough to give her support - when she improved we lowered the water level)
  3. add a drop or two - no more - of baby oil to help skin, if dry or flaky
  4. add floating toys
  5. make furkid watch where you put the treats (on top of every 3rd or 4th toy)
  6. wind your furkid up with helpful phrases like "Ummmmm wouldn't you like some of this?"
  7. add furkid to water
  8. allow them to 'settle in'
  9. always use lots of voice encouragement
  10. do the 'bicycle' exercise with back legs to help warm up muscles
  11. allow furkid to explore pool and find treats, support underbelly if needed
  12. remember to re-fill toys with treats
  13. early sessions should only be approx. 15-20 mins
  14. check water temp, as it cools, bale out and add more hot
  15. take furkid out before the novelty has worn off
  16. wrap well in towels and hug and praise until dry
  17. sip/gulp wine carefully while hooman back groans in pain  

Helpful hints

This therapy should be done on a daily basis if possible and once muscles and furkid are happy should be about an hour long.



For MORE Information:  http://www.crosswinds.net/members/~placido/mimi.htm


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